Borders, Curbs & Edges

Kwik KerB of McCracken County

a Division of Schmitt Concrete

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Schmitt Concrete Inc. bought the concrete edging franchise, Kwik Kerb, in 1996. We have been trained and certified in the installation of Kwik Kerb. Who better to trust with your concrete curbing, than a contractor who deals in quality?

Kwik Kerb is continuous concrete edging that can be used in residential or commercial settings. It is very durable, beautiful, and versatile. It is mixed and placed on your job. The curbing can go around new or existing landscaping. It can also be used as parking lot curbs. It can be formed into just about any shape with a number of colors, profiles, and patterns to choose from.  Kwik Kerb makes a big difference in your yard maintenance, as well as your homes' curb appeal.


"Create a prestigious appearance with machine laid edging"