About Us

Schmitt Concrete, Inc. is a family owned and operated business and served the local area since 1977.

We started our business by pouring conventional concrete driveways, patios and sidewalks.  In 1992, we started installing Decorative Concrete.  We are, by far, the most experienced Decorative Concrete Contractor in the local area.We are now doing overlays over existing concrete and installing vertical concrete overlays.

We keep up with the current and upcoming trends in concrete construction. We often go to training seminars so that we will be on the cutting edge of new developments.

Our goal is to provide you with custom designs that meet your needs and budget.

Schmitt Concrete, Inc. does not only do concrete, but also does Kwik KerB, continuous concrete edging.  Kwik KerB is concrete edging that can be used in residential or commercial settings.  The curb can go around new or existing landscaping. It can also be used as parking lot curbs.

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